The relative value of trailers

Speaking of being easily impressed…

Looking back on today’s First Person column (reprinted below), it sounds a lot harsher towards the game than I meant it. I have no idea whether the game is going to be good or not. If anything, being a rabid zombie-fiction fan since long before they were popular video game villains, I’m biased in favor of Dead Island by default…but I hope I made my point clear as to my specific concerns regarding the role trailers are increasingly playing in the video game industry.

I think I was extremely up front about my history with trailers in general, and why I might have some lingering animosity towards them, but I don’t want to sound like I’m not giving Dead Island a chance. I just booked my appointment to see the game at GDC and I’m going to have some hard questions…and maybe I’ll walk away feeling a little less cynical than I currently am. I hope so, because the idea of a first-person zombie game is interesting.

I just wish there weren’t going to be any “super-zombie” or “runner” strains in there. Can’t we just stick with the Romero flavor? They’re terrifying if used properly, and a first-person perspective could really capitalize on that. It’s one thing to see the undead shambling towards you from a third person view and the resulting detachment from the action, but the immediacy of first person could make all the difference when it comes to perceiving the threat level of a run-of-the-mill shambler.

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