Everything You Need To Know About The PlayStation 4 In 300 Words (and some pictures)

PS4 console


The UI can be wonky, but it might be okay.

Be ready to manage your hard drive. A lot.

Navigating through your digital library of games might be a pain in the ass.




There is nothing out yet for PS4 to justify your spending $400 to upgrade. Play cross platform games on your PS3 and save a lot of money. For now.


PS4 controller


The new controller is awesome (but we’ve known this since E3 because we’re giving you the same talking points on the controller that we did back in June).

You can shunt all your game audio through the controller and into regular-ass headphones. This is also awesome.

You can charge your PS4 controller without having to actually turn the PS4 on. Thank god.

 PlayStation 4 Network


We have no idea if PlayStation Network’s social functions on PS4 will be any good because no one is ON the PlayStation Network on PS4 yet.

We think Party chat will work correctly, but we’re not sure.

Streaming console gaming to Twitch or making some videos of console game play is now easy. Also thank God, if it works. Capture cards are a pain in the ass.

Get a Facebook account if you don’t already have one, because you can only publish clips or screenshots to Facebook.

Looking at your friends’ gaming activity is like looking at Google+. This is perhaps not a good thing.




We have no idea if the PlayStation 4 is any good because we have to publish these reviews two days before the system is released or else lose web traffic to all our competitors and/or be skinned alive by all the readers who want these drippings of information as ammunition to be hurled at their enemies in the ongoing Console Wars.

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